Gugax is an Argentinian company dedicated to primary production, industrial processing and export of agricultural specialties.

We care every stage of value chain to ensure that our customers will receive consistent and homogeneous quality.
From primary production we ensure the quality of our raw material, through proper selection of crop fields,
with the most appropriate genetic for each region and caring for every agronomic variables.

From industrial processing...

we ensure the quality of our finished product, using a detailed control of process and meeting the highest international standards.

From export we ensure...

the quality received by our customers, through a meticulous care of every detail. Preserving our products with the most proper packaging and logistics.

Fulfilling legal...

and documentary requirements of every destination country. Giving special attention to individual customer requirements.

We are proud of having a team of experienced and highly trained professionals at each stage of the process.

We cultivate long-term relationships and take care of every detail to generate maximum value for our customers,
suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Our Mision
We aspire to be a global leader in each of our agricultural specialties, being recognized for our export quality, our professionalism and special customer care.

Our Vision

Cultivate, process and market agricultural specialties from Argentina to the World, ensuring controlled quality in every stage, from primary production to the customer. Provide service of excellence, focused on customer satisfaction. Expand our business and assure sustainable growth.